Good points there. Prison doesnt help anyone, and it just makes criminals better criminals. I think there should be “punishment” though. I understand that many criminals had tough backgrounds, and that is part of the reason they do bad things. There are other people with the same backgrounds who did not do bad things and who are good people.

Prison isnt a good answer, but just letting them go isnt either. We need to think about what “crime” is too. I dont think we should lock people up for drug use or abuse, for instance. But when you steal or hurt people, there needs to be punishment.

I have a friend who is a long-time cop. He says they only catch the dumb criminals. Many bad people are smart and can cover their own tracks well an get away with a lot of bad things.

We do need to address the problems that cause some crime-and this article is a good start. But there are bad people who will only understand violence.

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