Rock formations in the Arizona desert. Photos by James

We left Zion National Park a day or two ago and are on our way back home. We are not in a hurry at all, and it will take a few days. We have hit all five of the national parks in Utah, and are making our way East.



The Virgin River coming out of the mountain at Zion National Park

I hiked most of the trails at Zion National Park, and surprisingly the easier ones were my favorite. I did not do Angels Landing or the Narrows, which are the toughest. …


The mountains tower overhead. Photos by james jordan

Zion National Park is the most popular of Utah’s national parks. It is a magical place, so I understand why. It’s also crowded in mid-October. While it is beautiful, it’s hard to get away from the feeling of this being a fancy resort.

The parking lot at the visitor’s center…

Writing tips

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Writing for free to establish yourself may sound like a good idea, but it isn’t. Here is why you should say HELL NO, not just no.

I have been on both sides of the street in the publishing world, as an editor and as a freelancer.

On both sides of the street, I had one rule, I do not write for free and I don’t expect anyone else to either.

There are exceptions, but in general…


Water on my camera lens, but this was the snow on the mountain. photos by james

Holy change in the weather Batman!

We woke up just before daylight and we were cold. The power had gone out and we had no heat. Looking around it seems the entire campground was without power. We got some blankets out and slept until about 8.

The predicted snow had…


Deep in the heart of a slot canyon. Photos by james

I went through a slot canyon for the first time today near Kanab, Utah. I took the tour because you need a solid four-wheel-drive vehicle and a drive who knows the road to get there. …


As far as the eye can see. Someone told me the edge of the horizon here is 100 miles away. photos by james

It’s hard to believe we will have been on the road for two weeks tomorrow. It has been an interesting adventure so far, with a little more than a week to go. We have not killed each other yet, so we may survive.

Bryce Canyon is all it is billed…


Kodachrome State Park is not as colorful on a rainy day. Photo by james

A day of rain today, but we managed to get a little exploring done. We drove from Escalante to the town of Canonvile, which is next door to Bryce Canyon.

We went south to Kodachrome State Park and hiked in the rain. The rain was light but steady. I was…

Utah Trip

A slot canyon near Buffalo, Utah, Photo by writer

Today was mostly driving. Highway 24 from Torrey, Utah, to Buffalo. Then we took Highway 12 to Escalante. It was not much more than 50 miles but was over a couple of mountains. We had grades of nine to 14 percent, both up and down. …


A rainbow just as I returned from the hike.

The hike into Capitol Reef Gorge was a journey deep into the earth. It was on an old dirt road. Canyon walls on both sides of the road rose up hundreds of feet. There was a general downhill slant, but not very steep. The road wound around the canyon walls.

James Jordan

Teller of tales, many of which are actually true. Award-winning journalist, and the William Allen White Award for reporting.

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