Gaining confidence with risks and small victories

Looking straight down into the crevice. Photo by the writer

It was reckless, maybe even stupid. At the time it seemed reasonable enough to think a 25-foot crevice in a rock cliff was something I could go up and down. It was only later that the endeavor seemed foolish.

I had not been out in nature for weeks and was relishing the opportunity. I was hiking at a state park centered around a lake near Elk City Kansas. It is a remote state park and was almost empty on an overcast and cool day. I saw only a couple of people in parking lots and none on the trails.


A person cannot help what they feel

This is a poem in response to a recent writer prompt

Her eyes smile good morning as I enter

We say hello. she grabs my attention casually

The soft curvature of her smile takes my breath

I hope I didn’t stare too long or was not too obvious

I've never seen anyone so beautiful sounds too cliché but true

The sweetness she offers is not intended just for me

It does not help that she is so nice friendly and welcoming

Makes me want to be close to her even more

It would be easier if she were more surly or even rude

She is just doing her job every day

A collection of my stories about life with ADHD

The ADHD world is mysterious, but there are no simple answers. Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I have written a lot of stories about having ADHD, and what it is like. I am not sure we need “fixing.” I have compiled some of the stories here. These links will allow you to read the stories whether you are a Medium member or not.

About “fixing” ADHD people

ADHD is talked about a lot, and a lot of people offer answers whether they know what they are talking about or not. Usually, they are trying to “fix” us, but few understand what is really going on with us.

Here is one about people trying to “fix” ADHD people. …

Emotions make writing harder or easier, but they should be questioned at all times

Emotions are complicated, but I don’t let them rule everything. Pixabay

It is interesting how emotions go when writing. I have not felt very enthused or positive for the last few days, and usually, I am pretty positive. That old “no one is reading” whiny thought keeps coming around. It isn’t true. It is how I feel though.

Some stories have done OK on here. It is still a mystery to me why some stories do well and some do not. I am still not convinced that quality is that important (though you do need correct grammar and spelling). I’m suffering from clap envy.

One thing I have learned is that…

In honor of his 80th, a story about a day that changed his world

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Photo by pixabay

When Bob Dylan was a young musician trying to make it in New York, a tough music critic literally got in his face. It was in some bar where he was playing. The critic came up to him and told him: “You are a fake. You are never going to be Woody Guthrie so just stop it.”

“You are a fake. You are never going to be Woody Guthrie so just stop it.”

That comes from Dylan’s biography “Chronicles Volume 1.” That was written in 2004 and we are still waiting on part two, but more about that later.


Meeting your idols may not be as cool as you think it will be

Unsplash photo

Wouldn’t it be cool to hang out with Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, or someone of that era? Some of those people had a big impact on our lives, so you would think getting to meet them would be a big deal.

It does not always work out all that well. A recent story by Dave Eldergill MA, about one of those experiences, reminded me of my own tale of seeing tarnish on a crown.

I had that experience when I met Mylon Lefevre at a church in South Carolina in 1991. Lefevre is not exactly a household name. …

People take Jesus’ words out of context to make political points

Another installment in spirituality and theology in 100 (or so) words.

The bible verse where Jesus says “the poor will always be there” is quoted by people to make political points on both sides of the spectrum.

Context matters. What it means in context is what it means. A single bible verse by itself has no meaning because you don’t know the context.

Judas was criticizing what he saw as extravagance and complained the money could have been used for the poor instead. True enough, but Jesus was busting his hypocrisy.

The extravagance was part of Jesus going to the…

Basic inspirational and theological thoughts in 100 words

Some people look for physical evidence for God, and others claim to have found physical evidence. God is spirit. It is a matter of faith, and if you have faith…

They had no idea they had made the first rock ‘n’ roll record

Ike Turner and his band were driving to Memphis in 1951. On the way, he and one member, Jackie Brenston, put together a little number called “Rocket 88.”

Brenston sang the song, and they added the name “Delta cats” when they recorded it. It’s a simple song with a nice melody and beat. They were recording a song and hoped it would sell so they could make a little money.

The Oldsmobile 88 was one of the hottest cars at the time, so it was just a song about a cool car.

Today the song is regarded as the…

It’s not the Bible. Inspirational and theological stories in 100 words.

The Bible is not the “Word of God.” It’s more clear in Greek. “Word” meaning the exact likeness and essence of something is “Logos.” The “Word” meaning what is written…

James Jordan

Teller of tales, many of which are actually true. Award-winning journalist, and the William Allen White Award for reporting.

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