People take Jesus’ words out of context to make political points

Another installment in spirituality and theology in 100 (or so) words.

The bible verse where Jesus says “the poor will always be there” is quoted by people to make political points on both sides of the spectrum.

Context matters. What it means in context is what it means. A single bible verse by itself has no meaning because you don’t know the context.

Judas was criticizing what he saw as extravagance and complained the money could have been used for the poor instead. True enough, but Jesus was busting his hypocrisy.

The extravagance was part of Jesus going to the…

Basic inspirational and theological thoughts in 100 words

Some people look for physical evidence for God, and others claim to have found physical evidence. God is spirit. It is a matter of faith, and if you have faith…

They had no idea they had made the first rock ‘n’ roll record

Ike Turner and his band were driving to Memphis in 1951. On the way, he and one member, Jackie Brenston, put together a little number called “Rocket 88.”

Brenston sang the song, and they added the name “Delta cats” when they recorded it. It’s a simple song with a nice melody and beat. They were recording a song and hoped it would sell so they could make a little money.

The Oldsmobile 88 was one of the hottest cars at the time, so it was just a song about a cool car.

Today the song is regarded as the…

It’s not the Bible. Inspirational and theological stories in 100 words.

The Bible is not the “Word of God.” It’s more clear in Greek. “Word” meaning the exact likeness and essence of something is “Logos.” The “Word” meaning what is written…

Was the owner of Sun Records in Memphis a visionary or just taking advantage?

Rock and Roll has come a long way since 1954 Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

Elvis is sometimes called the King of Rock and Roll. There are several others that could wear the title, but Sam Phillips, who owned Sun Records in Memphis, Tenn., was the kingmaker. He possibly had more to do with the creation of rock and roll than anyone and he was never a musician. Rock and Roll would still have happened without him, but it would have taken more time.

While major recording studios went to great pains to produce a perfect recording of a perfect voice, Phillips was the first to go in the opposite direction. He was the first…

What matters is what you get done. Whether it was hard or easy should not matter. Working harder can actually make you less efficient.

Planning your day will start you out with structure, which will make your day go smoother. Planning is the most basic step to being efficient. Photo by pixabay

Three ways to get more done. Working harder is not one of them.

Working harder is not the answer to being more productive. Working with efficiency and focus is a good answer. There are no bonuses for doing something the hard way or making anything harder than it needs to be. There is also no bonus for taking three hours to do something you could have done in two hours.

We have to have a life outside of work, and companies will work you to death if you let them. …

A rock and roll story in 150 words: a cautionary tale of impulse

Sometimes you find a surprise at the record store. Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

Any reference to Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat puts a silly grin on my face. In the summer of 1976, a friend and I were driving around enjoying an illegal green vegetative substance. (Weed). We decided to stop at the record store.

Year of the Cat was playing on the sound system. I thought it sounded good, but my buddy was stunned. He had never heard anything so good in his life. He was so enamored he bought every album he could. He got five or six albums, which at the time was most of his weekly paycheck.


Unsplash photo

I recently had a run-in with a scammer who pretended to recruit me to write for their company. I have found a couple more people who were confronted with the same scam.

They are using Twitter, and claim to represent an oil-related company called Transfer Energy. The site itself has a lot of articles and publications, so it looks like a place that might need writers.

The Twiter page looks legitimate with posts you would expect from an oil-related company. They have a Slack page that looks legitimate. If you look closely, however, there are some red flags.

Don’t be conned. Here is a longer piece about the experience.

Technology changed the playing field for music, and now it has for writers too.

Anyone can be a musician, and anyone can be a writer. Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Now is the best time in history to be a writer. It has never been easier. At the same time, everyone and their dog is now a writer, so it is also perhaps more competitive than ever.

We are at the same place Rock and Roll music was in the early 1950s. It was a new form of music in its infancy. Technological advances and visionaries came together and birthed a new style of music that changed the world. There have always been musicians and writers. …

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Teller of tales, many of which are actually true. Award-winning journalist, and the William Allen White Award for reporting.

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