Celebrities take their shots as everyone wants to cash in or make a profit from her misfortune

Simone Biles in 2016. Wikimedia Commons

Simone Biles withdrew from two more individual events Saturday at the Olympics. She continues to be evaluated by medical staff and it is unclear whether she will be able to compete in any more events.

When the story broke earlier that she had withdrawn from team events, people were quick to react and slow to understand.

Some conservatives and people who don’t know much about sports criticized her, said she was weak or scared, or whatever.

Some activists tried to play the race card and make this a statement about black women in general.

Here is my story from the…

Would it make a difference in how you feel?

From the earliest times people have tried to visualize God. Photo by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash

It is because of tradition we call God “him,” or “heanenly father.” When people started reaching out to God, they used the masculine pronoun. Maybe it was because they saw the male as stronger or more authoritative.

But there’s nothing wrong with using the other pronoun.

At that time people began to call on the name of the LORD. Gen. 4:26.

That was in very ancient times. Bible scholars believe that is when people began to worship God. The New Living Translation says “Called on God by name.” Maybe that is when the idea of Heavenly Father came about.


What if we acted as though we believed this truth?

The idea of race was “invented” in the early days of the settlement of the Americas. The idea was created partly to justify slavery and to deny rights to certain…

If you are biased, that does not mean you are wrong. Bias means you have a preference or believe something.

I was a reporter for a long time and tried…

She deserves better than criticism or to be used as political fodder

Simone Biles at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Wikimedia Commons

Simone Biles stood at the pinnacle of her sport, already accomplished and poised to do more. She recognized there was something wrong and withdrew. That took a lot of courage and was no doubt very painful for her.

I have nothing but respect for her as an athlete and human being. I love seeing athletes accomplish great things. I feel sorrow when they get so close and it slips away. To me, that is the most painful way to lose. Worse than when your opponent outperformed you.

At age 24 it is very unlikely she will be at this level…

Pursuing your own path on Medium is the key to peace and fulfillment

Photo by Spenser Sembrat on Unsplash

As much as I write about the futility of comparing yourself with others, I can’t help it at times. Why are some articles promoted over mine? It isn’t always about the quality of writing. Why do some of my worst articles get the most reads and my best ones are ignored?

There is also an inherent Medium bias. Certain topics are going to get promoted. Certain slants, or ideologies, on those topics are also going to get promoted while anyone who disagrees will not be promoted.

Certain writers will get promoted no matter if their article is well written or…

Sometimes Bias is hard to see, especially when we have the same or opposite bias.

Bias is not always a bad thing. Bias means you favor one side or believe…

Is Nikon or Canon better? It's similar to the PC — Mac debate, but with cameras.

Nikon is designed by photographers, and Canon is designed by engineers. This means Canon…

A deal too good to be true is a scam almost all the time. There are several going around. It feels good when someone approaches you online asking if you…

In the last 15 years or so, everything has become awful. Government, our country, church, schools, police, just about anything you can name. And some would have us believe it…

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